CPK Cardigan Style Tank Top

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I made this for my sister ages ago.  I never thought to check gauge, but at least it’s a small shirt and not a human sized sweater, right?  Chances are it’ll fit some doll even if it’s a bit too small for a CPK.

Worsted Weight Yarn
I Crochet Hook
3 Buttons

Unless otherwise stated, always end each row with a Ch 1, turn

Button Hole: ch1, skip a st and sc in following st

Shirt Bottom:
Ch 49
Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook and in ea ch across.
Row 2 (button hole row): Sc 2, make a button hole, sc remaining sts
Row 3: Sc across row. When you reach the ch1 sp, sc into the sp, not the ch.
Rows 4-6: Sc across row
Row 7: Repeat button hole row
Row 8: Repeat row 3
Row 9: Sc across row
Row 10: Sc 9, slst 7 (1 arm hole curve made), sc 16, slst 7 (another arm hole curve made), sc 9

Right Front:
Row 11: Sc 2, make a button hole, sc 5 *Row now ends here* – 9 sts
Row 12: Sc 7, dec 1 – 8 sts
Row 13: Dec 1, Sc 6 – 7 sts
Row 14: Sc 5, dec 1 – 6 sts
Row 15: Dec 1, Sc 4 – 5 sts
Row 16: Sc 3, dec 1 – 4 sts
Row 17: Dec 1, Sc 2 – 3 sts
Rows 18-19: Sc across row
Fasten off

Left Front:
Attach yarn in last st on other side of top
Row 20: Sc 9 * row ends here* – 9 sts
Rows 21-29: Repeat rows 12-19
Fasten off

Attach yarn in first sc after one of the arm hole curves (doesn’t matter which)
Row 30: Sc 16 * row ends here* – 16 sts
Rows 31-38: Sc across row
Fasten off

Fold one side of front in until the edge of the tallest part of the front matches up with the edge of the back. Sew shoulder.
Repeat for other side of front.
Sew buttons in place and hide all ends.

CPK Simple Sundress

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Hey, I’ve finally gotten my pattern touched up and ready to go! This dress is a piece of cake to make, and lends itself well to lots of customization.

Yarn, Hook, and Gauge
Worsted Weight Yarn
US Size J Hook (6 MM)

Gauge is unimportant. After completing the chest front, just check and make sure that it roughly covers the chest of the doll like in the picture.

Some of my testers mentioned that a J hook seemed a little too big for the yarn. If that’s true for you, feel free to jump down to an I or something as long as it doesn’t make the chest piece too small.

This pattern doesn’t take much yarn. Definitely way less than a 7oz skein of red heart super saver.


Chest Front

– Starting at the top of the chest, chain 14
1) Sc in the second ch from the hook and in each ch across (13sts)
2-6) Ch 3 (counts as first dc always) and turn. Dc in 2nd st and in each st across.

Do NOT fasten off.


Special Notes – From this point on, stitch count is pretty much unimportant. Don’t worry about your increases coming out even. They will not fit perfectly at the end of some rounds (you can almost count on it), just fill in with (a) regular dc(s) when that happens. The entire point of this part is just to increase a bunch so the dress comes out slightly wavy/ruffled.

1) Ch 30 and join with a slip stitch to the first dc of the row (the side of the chest bottom you aren’t already attached to)
2) Ch 3 and turn. Dc in each ch and dc around. Join with a slip stitch to the 3rd ch of the ch 3.
3) Ch 3 and turn. Dc in each dc around. Join.
4) Ch 3 and turn. Dc in the same st, dc in next st. (2 dc in next st, 1 dc in next st) around. Join.
5) Same as round 4
6) Ch 3 and turn. Dc in each dc around. Join.
7) Ch 3 and turn. Dc in same st, dc in the next 2 sts. (2 dc in next st, dc in the next 2 sts) around, Join.
8) Ch 3 and turn. Dc in each dc around. Join and finish off.


– Join with a slip st to the sc in the top right corner of the chest.
1) Ch 3, dc in the next 3 sts (4 sts)
2-9) Ch 3, turn. Dc in each dc.

Finish off

Repeat this for the top left sc.


Fold the dress in half to find (and mark) the center point of the back. Sew the straps in place an equal distance from this center point (I usually go for about 3 sts on either side of the center, but trying the dress on the doll is the best way to tell). Then just secure ends and you’re all done!