Note that these are the original instructions from when I first wrote them.  (The written notes I have somewhere in one of my notebooks is even worse)  I have rewritten the instructions to (hopefully) be more clear.

Simple Knit Ball

Time Rating
One Hour

History & Notes
I made the pattern for this ball ages ago as the head for a doll. Never made it past there, but it actually makes a better ball. It’s knitted flat and sewed up the side. The suggested needles and yarn are what I designed it on. Anything will work though. The ball is all stockinette stitch.

Doesn’t matter

Suggested Needle Size and Yarn
US Size 6
Worsted weight yarn.

-Co 6
-K 1 row
-P and inc in every st (12 sts)
-Work 2 rows even
-K and inc in every st (24 sts)
-Work 9 rows even
-Dec in every st (12 sts)
-Work 2 rows even
-Dec in every st (6 sts)
-K 1 row

Break yarn and pull through remaining stitches. Pull tight and then sew up side of ball. Stuff to desired firmness. Run the sewing yarn through the cast on stitches, pull tight, and fasten off.


New Notes

Yeah, I certainly could have written that better if I’d actually known the names of the increases and decreases I used.  Not that it really matters, since my goal was to double or halve the stitches.  With that in mind, anything (written like this) is a note.  Usually about ways you may want to try something different.  For example, I currently don’t think long-tail cast on is the best cast on for the job, provisional may be better.

Yarn, Needles, & Gauge

Not particularly important.  Pick something that won’t let too much stuffing show through and you ought to be good.


– Cast on 6 stitches.  (Note that I originally designed this with a long tail cast on, but anything ought to work)

– Knit a row.

– Pfb across row – 12 sts (You can alternatively use any increase you want as long as you double the amount of stitches)

– Starting with a knit row, work 2 rows in stst

– Kfb across row – 24 sts (Same as last increase row, just double the stitches)

– Starting with a purl row, work 9 rows in stst

– K2Tog across – 12 sts (Same as increases, you just want to halve the stitches here)

– Starting with a purl row, work 2 rows stst

– P2tog – 6 sts (Halve the stitches again)

– Knit 1 row


I’m stuck with just my laptop’s webcam at the moment, so please excuse the slightly blurry pics.  These two samples were made with size 8 needles and Red Heart Super Saver yarn.  They’re really quite quick to make, and ridiculously easy.