I was interested by descriptions in books of various characters that carried things in pouches around their necks (Harry Potter for example). Half asleep last one night, I decided to have a go at it. I knew it would have to be small so that it wouldn’t show through your clothes, and it had to be made of something that wouldn’t itch. So here it is, a really simple (barely worth even calling a pattern) bag that you can string up as a necklace if you’d like. Actually, you can do anything you like with it. The actual knitting took maybe an hour.

You’re going to need 3 double pointed needles. It’s knitted flat in a simple form of double knitting and the 3rd needle will be used in the BO.

Gauge is relatively unimportant. I used whatever needles I had on hand, and since this is such a quick knit it would probably be simpler to just knit the thing in your chosen needles and frog if you don’t like the size rather than bothering with checking gauge.

**Gauge and Materials**
Worsted Weight Cotton
3 size 6 DPN’s
Gauge: About 4 sts to 1 inch, though exact gauge isn’t that big a deal.

**Pattern Notes**
This pattern is worked in a form of double knitting to make a round pouch even though you appear to be working flat. You will do most of the work with two needles and bring in the third to help BO.

**Pattern St**
K1, bring yarn to front as if to purl, slip 1, bring yarn to the back

**Actual Pattern**
CO 12 sts.
Work in pattern st for 18 rows.

Slip the first st onto one free needle.  Slip the second stitch onto the other free needle.  Continue like this (alternating needles) until all the stitches have been slipped and the two sides of the pouch have been separated.

Starting with the needle that doesn’t have the working yarn attached and working around the opening, BO all the stitches.  Before finishing off the last loop, use a crochet hook or something to pull the loop through the first bound off stitch to close up the gap, and then finish it off.

Weave in the ends.  Cut a length of yarn and run through a row a little below the top to make a draw string.  Optionally string up on a chain or long piece of yarn to turn it into a necklace.