Struck by a fit of boredom, I conceived and idea for a pair of pants. Not a pair of pants that could potentially fit onto a toy, but a pair of pants that actually are a toy. And here he is in all his blue-jean-y glory.

I used:
– Red Heart Super Saver (in color Royal Blue I believe) and an H hook
– A small button and some thread to sew it on
– Two “doll eyes”
– Some nylon yarn for embroidery, but only because I couldn’t find my black RHSS or cotton

Starting at the bottom of one leg, Chain 2
– 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook
– 2 sc in each sc around (12)
– (sc in next st, 2 sc in next st) around (18)
– Working in the Back Loop Only (BLO), SC in each st around
– Sc 6 rounds plain
– FO

Repeat for second leg, but do NOT fo

Place a marker in the 5th stitch from the hook. Hold legs next to each other. On the first leg, the one that has been finished off, SC 14. There should be 4 stitches left unworked on that first leg. Now, starting with the marked stitch, sc 14 on the second leg. 28 stitches in total.

– Sc 5 rounds plain

At this point, I sewed on the button, did the embroidery, and attached the eyes.

– Working in the BLO: sc 4, (sc in next st, sc2tog) 3 times total, sc 5, (sc in next st, sc2tog) 3 times total, sc in last st (22)
– Sc 4, sc2tog 3 times, sc 5, sc2tog 3 times, sc in last st
– Slst 5 times, FO

Stuff pants and sew top seam.