I made this for my sister ages ago.  I never thought to check gauge, but at least it’s a small shirt and not a human sized sweater, right?  Chances are it’ll fit some doll even if it’s a bit too small for a CPK.

Worsted Weight Yarn
I Crochet Hook
3 Buttons

Unless otherwise stated, always end each row with a Ch 1, turn

Button Hole: ch1, skip a st and sc in following st

Shirt Bottom:
Ch 49
Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook and in ea ch across.
Row 2 (button hole row): Sc 2, make a button hole, sc remaining sts
Row 3: Sc across row. When you reach the ch1 sp, sc into the sp, not the ch.
Rows 4-6: Sc across row
Row 7: Repeat button hole row
Row 8: Repeat row 3
Row 9: Sc across row
Row 10: Sc 9, slst 7 (1 arm hole curve made), sc 16, slst 7 (another arm hole curve made), sc 9

Right Front:
Row 11: Sc 2, make a button hole, sc 5 *Row now ends here* – 9 sts
Row 12: Sc 7, dec 1 – 8 sts
Row 13: Dec 1, Sc 6 – 7 sts
Row 14: Sc 5, dec 1 – 6 sts
Row 15: Dec 1, Sc 4 – 5 sts
Row 16: Sc 3, dec 1 – 4 sts
Row 17: Dec 1, Sc 2 – 3 sts
Rows 18-19: Sc across row
Fasten off

Left Front:
Attach yarn in last st on other side of top
Row 20: Sc 9 * row ends here* – 9 sts
Rows 21-29: Repeat rows 12-19
Fasten off

Attach yarn in first sc after one of the arm hole curves (doesn’t matter which)
Row 30: Sc 16 * row ends here* – 16 sts
Rows 31-38: Sc across row
Fasten off

Fold one side of front in until the edge of the tallest part of the front matches up with the edge of the back. Sew shoulder.
Repeat for other side of front.
Sew buttons in place and hide all ends.